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About Us

The role of STEM education in the growth and development of a country cannot be over-emphasized. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy and enables the next generation of innovators which plays a key role in the sustained growth and stability of a nation's economy.

Xplore STEMI is a project that seeks to invigorate the interest of primary and secondary school students in STEM. We want to create an atmosphere where students can connect what they have learnt in class to real-world problems specifically in the area of science and technology. Key activities will include but are not limited to coding classes, robotics training, in-depth empowerment in science and seminars to prepare students for STEM careers

This initiative will equip students specifically with necessary STEM skills and expose them to the dynamic nature of technology. This helps them build an outside classroom experience by applying what they have learnt to solve real-life problems, hence raising problem-solving oriented students who can populate the Nigerian workforce. We hope to raise technological leaders who will later rise to improve the present state of our economy by raising a community of people that can influence each other to produce a thriving change.

This project is funded by Mastercard Scholars Foundation at the University of Toronto. This enables us to provide students with resources such as robotics and science kits for a hands-on learning experience.

Our Programming Courses

  • Python
  • Scratch
  • Visual Basic

Our Team

member img
Igyo Daniel Ushahemba

Computer Engineering.
Graphic Designer, CPAI.
Graphic Designer, Xplorestemi.

member img
Iseoluwa Daniel

Graduate, Calvary Arrows College.
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineer.
Software Developer

member img
Salem Andero Tomiwa

Design, Innovation, Animation, Social Media Administration, Videography, Analysis.
Graphics Designer (Xplore STEMI, CPAI and other organizations)
Analyst (KINGGATE INT'L (A flight company)).

member img
Adu Lawrence

Co-Founder/CEO Mountedwings Cyber-Tech Ltd
(Software/Robotics Engineer)

member img
Olubowale Gladys Opeyemi

Chemical Engineer and Mastercard Foundation scholar, University of Toronto, Canada.
Research, Project Management Process Engineering Intern, Vale Ltd, Canada.

member img
Olufolaji Seun Damilola

Industrial and Production Engineering.
Science Education.
Head Technology and Mathematical Sciences, Calvary Arrows College.
State Science Fair Cordinator, Science Teachers Association of Nigeria(STAN).

member img
Egrudje Miracle

Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University.
Robotics/Embedded system Engineer
iOS/Android Developer

member img
Iannah Saint Msughter

Mechanical Engineering, University of Ibadan.
Robotics/Embedded Systems Engineer

member img
Nteh Chisom

Mechanincal Engineering, University of Ibadan.
Engineer at Mounted Wings Cyber Tech.
Software/robotics Development.
Web developer

member img
Momoh Joshua

Electrical/Electronics Engineering, University if Ibadan.
Project Management Intern at Student Build.
Hardware Programming Enthusiast.

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